Vision for Downtown Dodge City

Prosperous & Inviting

Downtown Dodge City has reestablished itself as the prosperous and inviting heart of the community! Based on authentic heritage and history, Downtown Dodge City has embraced its multicultural, immigrant beginnings by welcoming ethnic, western and traveler-related businesses, many with “made in Dodge” authenticity. The various venues available downtown showcase the arts and talents of the region; music, dance, reenactments, farmers’ markets, Boot Hill Museum, the Santa Fe Depot, and theatrics, which all play a role in educating and entertaining local citizens, students and visitors. As a result, there has been growth and expansion in the arts, retail venues, and public museums.


Historic Integrity

Many buildings have been restored to their historic integrity. The districts infrastructure has been improved, allowing for upper floor housing development in a true, mixed-use district that features high-occupancy in niche retail, professional, financial, and government arenas. In addition, meeting space and a learning center are supported by Dodge City Community College. Landscaping has helped to develop a pedestrian and vehicle-friendly district that encourages parking and walking to experience great businesses and Dodge City’s western heritage.


Strong Partnerships

Strong partnerships have developed between downtown businesses, property owners, government, non-profits, and educational institutions—all of which have worked together to not only develop a realistic plan of action for downtown development, but also to use that plan proactively to attract visitors and citizens of all ages and ethnicities to the district. The creation and retention of jobs have helped to create an opportunity for additional revenues and capital investment in the district.


A Safe & Welcome Environment

Downtown Dodge City is a place where everyone is safe, welcome and treated with the warm, friendly hospitality that the community is known for! The center of this growing, thriving community, Downtown Dodge City is not only the place to “Relive the Story”, but also the place to create and celebrate the future!